Restaurant Insurance

For restaurant owners, protecting your business is as important as the meals you prepare. At Bill Boyd Insurance Brokerage, we’ve seen firsthand the negative effects that a kitchen fire or foodborne illness incident can have on your customers, your employees, your financial well-being, and your hard-earned reputation. We partner with your independent agent or broker to protect businesses like yours.

Our products offer coverage tailored to the complex exposures faced by restaurants of all types and sizes, from the family-owned deli that’s built a dependable clientele over generations to national chains capitalizing on the latest trends in dining. You can depend on Bill Boyd Insurance Brokerage to help safeguard your restaurants, customers, employees, and more.

Tailored Coverages Address Your Complex Needs

  • If the board of health orders your premises closed because of food contamination, we pay your cost to clean your equipment and replace contaminated goods. Additional advertising expenses you incur to restore your reputation can be covered as well. (Food Contamination and Additional Advertising Expense Coverage)
  • If a customer sustains an injury on your premises, we can cover medical expenses regardless of whether you are legally liable for the injury. (Medical Payments)
  • You can be protected against liability for damage or injury resulting from parking a vehicle not owned, rented, or loaned by your business. (Valet Parking Liability)
  • Loss of refrigeration or cooling can destroy a food-
    service business. We cover the contents of any refrigerator or cooling equipment owned by you and used in your business against loss or damage because of equipment failure. (Loss of Refrigeration)
  • Your business depends on your equipment. If you experience damage or loss of your core equipment, our coverage goes beyond simple replacement or repair. We can extend protection to cover the loss of business income if you need to temporarily shut down, the extra expenses to continue running your business, utility service interruption, or the lost value of spoiled or contaminated products. (Equipment Breakdown)


The Best Possible Outcome on Every Claim

At Bill Boyd Insurance Brokerage, we believe that insurance is more than a product — it’s a relationship. Our commitment to you and your business is based on fair, fast claims handling. Our 4,500 claims professionals in regional offices across the country understand how to manage losses. With dedicated general liability, auto, property, workers compensation, and employee benefits units, we ensure that the right people with the right type of expertise manage each claim.

When you report a claim, a claims handler will guide you through the process, communicating every step of the way. That claims handler will be there to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the life of the claim, allowing you to focus on your business.

Stop Accidents Before They Happen

The focus of our risk control services group is to help safeguard your business, employees, and property against risk. Our risk control experts will work with you to assess your business, identify exposures, and make practical, sustainable suggestions you can implement to help mitigate risk.

Your Business Insurance Solution

Whatever kind of protection your business needs, Bill Boyd Insurance Brokerage can provide a comprehensive insurance solution. Speak with your local independent agent or broker to obtain a coverage package tailored to address your specific concerns. We’ll protect your company so you can focus on building your business.

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