The Ins and Outs of Restaurant Insurance cover

What insurance does a restaurant need?

Whether your restaurant serves up the best chef’s salad on the block or your customers can’t seem to get enough of your delicious desserts, owning a restaurant can also come with its unique set of challenges–aside from striving to provide the best for your customers. While your main focus may be on boosting customer retention and amplifying sales, all restaurant owners should consider keeping their businesses and employees protected with restaurant insurance.

What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant Insurance helps safeguard your business from a variety of unforeseeable circumstances. Whether an incident directly affects your restaurant’s ability to remain open or an injury is sustained on the premises, Boyd Insurance Brokerage can help take care of you and your employees as well as your financial well-being. Without reliable coverage, you may otherwise be required to dig into your hard-earned savings and spend more than you can afford to.

What is covered by restaurant insurance?

At Boyd Insurance Brokerage, we offer tailored coverage to fit your business’s needs. Depending on the type of coverage you receive, restaurant insurance can cover anything from:

  • Food Contamination. Food contamination is an unpleasant and costly situation for any business owner. At Boyd Insurance Brokerage, we help lessen the financial burden that comes with closing your business due to a contamination outbreak. We’ll help cover the cost to clean your equipment and replace any food that has been spoiled by contamination.
  • Customers sustained injuries on the premise of your restaurant. Even with the best precautionary measures put in place, predicting when and where an accident will occur is impossible. At Boyd Insurance Brokerage, we will be ready to step in and cover medical expenses if an accident ever does occur on your premises, whether you’re legally liable or not. With customers bustling in and out of your restaurant every day, reliable insurance is a necessity for any proactive business owner.
  • Loss of ability to safely refrigerate food. If you lose the ability to safely refrigerate perishable items, Boyd Insurance Brokerage will help cover the cost of restoring the contents of your refrigerator or cooling system. 
Getting the most out of your claim.

Reporting a claim with Boyd Insurance Brokerage is a secure and transparent transaction. We will ensure that the best claims professionals are there to address any concerns or questions you may have throughout the life of your claim. With over 4,500 agents in the region, we make it easy to match your unique situation with the right person to guide you through the process in a simple and efficient way.

What can I do to get restaurant insurance?

We currently offer restaurant insurance in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, and Montana. If you would like to learn more about how restaurant insurance can help safeguard your business, give us a call today at (509) 340-2693.

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